Namaste Series

In a globalized world, inspiring stories should flow freely across countries and cultures. The flow has been predominantly from the West to the East, in the form of literature, films and TV shows. Few stories of the East, that tell modern tales of great achievements in grave adversity while capturing lives, values, challenges and aspirations of other cultures reach all audiences. This one-way traffic presents us with a three-fold challenge. One, many readers are finding it difficult to identify with heroes. Two, we are all missing out on amazing stories that can inspire us. Three, we are not internalising diversity, while being surrounded by it.

The Namaste! Series™ of books feature stories of contemporary social catalysts, people who beat the odds to make our world a better place. They come from different cultures, religions and traditions. Their incredible stories will suit the courageous that transcend borders and cultures in search of meaningful inspiration.

There is no doubt that these journeys are fascinating and inspiring. To make them understandable, we have placed relevant contextual nuggets, maps and timelines throughout the books. The language is accessible, yet engaging for readers across age groups and regions. The illustrations are suggestive but not limiting. These help the reader in building a vivid storyboard of their own, and encouraging them to discover more about these heroes.

The books in this series capture many interesting cultural practices that are specific for the region in which the story is set and the ability of the main character to transcend the limitations and expectations of their society.

Educators who relish vibrancy of debates in their classrooms and encourage their students to push the envelope, will enjoy the scope of subject specific application of the ‘Namaste!Series’.


The ‘Namaste, Series!’ inspires at multiple levels. For each book that is sold, a copy will be donated to a school in rural India. With the help of our readers we will be able to bring the joy of books and reading to a broader audience.

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