Namaste, Anna Hazare!
He wages battles for the “Common Man”

Namaste, Anna Hazare!
He wages battles for the “Common Man”

Author : Sunanda Verma

Illustrator : Carolin Spannuth

Series Editor : Sunoor

Quote :

“An inspiring story, beautifully told and richly illustrated. Makes an ideal gift of inspiration for close ones. At last an inspiring story from the southern hemisphere of living heroes. A must in every library!”
Singapore American International School,

Brief description :

This is the compelling story of a boy born into abject poverty in rural India. Anna was seven years old when he had to drop out of school. He later joined the Indian Army as a driver. He escaped death thrice as the lone survivor. He was sad and dejected till he stumbled upon a book. It transformed his life. Anna Hazare became an agent of change- an environmental warrior and a leading activist against corruption. Anna’s inspiring story is enriched with illustrations that provide cultural reference, nuggets, map and timeline. Namaste,Anna Hazare! enthuses readers across ages, geographies and cultures. This book inspires global citizenship and a growth mindset.
When you buy this book you inspire another reader. For each book sold a copy will be gifted to a rural school in India.

About the Author
Sunanda Verma
Born in Sofia, raised in New Delhi & Fiji, and nurtured in Singapore and Johannesburg; Sunanda is a writer-journalist. In a previous avatar Sunanda was a TV News Producer. She relishes trying to decipher cultural codes of communications of different nationalities, age groups and gender, and channeling them to audiences through essays and stories. Sunanda has co-authored Learner’s Hindi-English Thematic Visual Dictionary, and translated more than 15 books from Hindi to English.

About the illustrator
Carolin Spannuth
Born and educated in Hamburg and Freiburg, Germany. Carolin’s work as a lawyer advancing human rights and refugee protection has seen her posted to the United States of America, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco and Switzerland. Passion for art has accompanied her since early childhood. She enjoys illustrating transcultural themes. Carolin lives in a small village in Europe.

Published : 2018

Pages : 96

Series : Namaste, Series!

Language : English

Format : Hardcover eBook Audio Book

ISBN Number : 9789814782029

Dimensions : 21,7 cm x 11 cm x 15,5 cm

Shipping weight : 280 grams


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