Our mission is to decipher and advance Indology. We are headquartered in Singapore and have representation in New Delhi, Johannesburg, Hamburg and Geneva.

Our efforts are anchored in the steadfast belief that accurate research happens closest to the source. Research at source in turn guides the development of curated content in print and audio-visual format.

We also organise seminars, workshops, lectures and festivals.

In our pursuit for excellence, we are advised and guided by experts who have dedicated their energies to deciphering the coded messages of culture and language. Alongside we work with global education experts who help our products live and not just be.

We keep learning, un-learning and re-learning through ‘The Indologist’. Essentially this is our game plan for keeping our minds young, always!


Our expertise is available to organizations that have a vision and drive for bringing forward knowledge on India. We engage in a variety of formats.


We are available to consult.
We advice-publishing houses on developing new product lines; education institutions on how to best integrate our content into their curricula; universities on curriculum development; international organizations on operational context in India.


We publish books, ebooks, audio books, podcasts, CDs and DVDs. Digital products can be purchased through our web store. Physical products are available through Amazon. Please do visit our store. Bulk order enquiries – please email us.

Event Production

We design and produce a variety of events that help us advance awareness and knowledge of India and also the global south. These come in the form of teaching workshops for teachers and students; themed workshops and seminars; music and film festivals. We also custom tailor events to suit specific organization needs.


We provide top line speakers on Hindi, India, Indology, International cooperation and development. Our focus is on speakers who motivate through their deep knowledge; who inspire though their wide view over the subject; who entertain through their ability to play with a variety of ideas and concepts.

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